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Bringing construction expertise to everyone.

Corbin Moyer- Plumbing LEad Tech

Journeyman 48117

Corbin overseas all plumbing jobs both commerical and residential and also holds a backflow license. He has over 5 years experience with our company.

1-A Fire & Domestic Testing began business in 1998 with Backflow Testing. We have since grown into a much larger multi facet company providing multiple types of services. We began this company from a dream of ours to be able to do service for our community with quality work, professionalism and great customer service. Brian and I are feel very blessed to continue our work within the metroplex and give back to our local community of Saginaw where we were raised and where we raised our children. 

Owners: Brian & Regina Wagoner

Our founder


Our company was founded in 1998 by Responsible Master Plumber Brian Wagoner. It started as a one man show and thanks to you we have been growing ever since. From a company that focused purely on our backflow and plumbing program, we are now  proud to be able to  offer HVAC and excavation services.


We are a company that base our success on our customer's satisfaction. Through pride of our own work and striving to please our customers, we believe we are able to gain repeat business and new customers.

Russell Roark- Master HVAC


Russell joined 1-A Services in 2016 to head the HVAC department. He has over a decade of Air Condition and Heating and Refrigeration experience.

Brian Wagoner-Master Plumber


Brian started this business in 1998 as a one man show and has since grown it to a multi facet business including Backflow, Plumbing and HVAC. 


As a company that is a customer-oriented business we believe in providing the best service possible, from phone call to job completion we aim to please. Because of this we also believe it is important to only provide service that we are licensed for and always maintain our insurance to protect you as a customer.

our leadership team